Monday, March 23, 2009


Yesterday I helped make stuff for the upcoming Cats play.

I worked with Mr. Improta and he was directing all the workers, telling us what to do, using all this cool architectural terminology, just like an awesome professional. I learned what it means to flush! (Not the toilet kind.) It got me thinking... and I REALLY wanna be a professional in something. I want to be able to talk about stuff using words and phrases that only certain people with the same interest understand. I JUST THINK THAT WOULD BE SO COOL. I guess I sorta do it now when I talk about art or running with certain people, but I wanna do it more HARDCORE-LYY...

"Hey, what do you think about overcracking the spinners on the arckitons?"

"Yeah that'd be nice, then we can bring around the specknecks and drizzle down these piddlers over here."

"Aren't you worried about flambigioting the center of ripetics?"

"Naw, that's why I inserted all those spandles to counterbalance the findles."

"Oh I get it."

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Daniel Yang said...

HAHAHA kevin! i always love reading your posts! theyre so fun! :D