Sunday, March 29, 2009



I looked at everyone's blog.

Two of em mentioned counting blessings.
MY element school didn't have a 6th grade dance! Although it didn't have sports either. (neither?)
I just keep on reading the big word on the Elation post.
God asks more questions than he answers.
CRAZY TRAILER! The book wasn't like that...
I should gain weight too.
I like morals, not sudokus.

See? I did. Except I just skimmed half of them.

NOW I CAN POST MY OWN ENTRY! or enter my post, if you prefer.

Time for a picture!





(Awesome transition, Kev.)

Yesterday was the last performance of our school musical CATS! Twas quite amazing, am I right?! Well of all things... can it be really? YES NO HO HI OH MY EYE. Good job, everyone!

And guessWHATtoolateI'mgonnatellyoubeforeyoucanevenguess I was on crew! Props crew. I got to help make the awesome set and carry large boxes and stuff. It was actually REALLY fun! Here's some advice, if you ever wanna be on crew, I do suggest you BE ON CREW!

Yeah... advice of the day

The other day I was itching to someone about how my name wasn't on the back of CATS shirt even though I worked my butt off more than a few of the other crew members on there. I'm sorry 'bout complaining. It's more of a matter of principle, yknow? It's like when people sue someone else for a dollar; they don't do it for the money. They do it to win a case and to talk to Judge Judy.

Speaking of the court.

Speaking of a basketball court.

Speaking of sports.

Speaking of TRACK AND FIELD!!

(You did it again, Kev.)

I haven't talked about track all Kanga v.Blog long! Except that one post, but that was a pre-meet. We've had 4 meets since then!

Oaks Christian:
4x1 - I was running anchor leg! But I felt slower than... well, an anchor.
4x2 - SO FUN! This should be a standard at meets.
4x4 - My legs died. Jan's crazy.

AWESNAPE. Jessie and Jane totally saw Will Smith at this meet! THAS CRAZY! His son apparently goes to Oaks Christian. I wish I saw Mr. Bill Smith. Then I could've totally sang the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song, and he'd have totally sung along with me! Either that, or we could've beat boxed together. Sweeeet.

Isn't it weird how just SEEING someone famous gives us some kinda weird "WHOA" sensation? Just hearing that I was within 100 yards of him amazed the Bad Boys out of me. Hehehe. Get it? That was a Will Smith movie reference badly executed. Yay!

ABC District

I swear, there are always 30 year old Muahmad Alis at this meet who are apparently 18 years or younger. OH! Ali!! Another Will Smith reference!

4x1 - Yay for first leg. WAIT this was our not so good handoff with me and Edward! We passed outside of the zone, so Edward started to turn around. I was all "WHAT DA EDWARD" and pushed him forward. We could've gotten 2nd.
60m - I felt slow. But I beat Thien-Tu and Javi. But they were tired. So that sorta makes sense.
4x4 - 2nd place = MEDALS! I love medals. Unless they're tied to my ankles and I'm swimming in water. What?

Ontario Christian
4x1 - snap WE WON OUR HEAT! But got 5th overall? Or 6th? or am I way off?
4x4 - Um... baton drop... but I ran awesomely. More on that later maybe? I'm proud of Alvin!

League 1 - Concordia
100m - Why am I striding? I should be sprinting?!
4x4 - Fleakin' Oxford guy passed me! But he runs 51 second 400s, so that made me feel better. Also, we owned with 1st placeness.

That's me.

Track is so fun. Yeah, being captain adds 34 more headaches and responsibilities, BUT IT'S STILL AWESOME!





(You still got it, Kev!)

Dos puntos:
  • I got first place in the PTA Reflections Contest in the film and video category! (yes, that thing AGAIN.) HOORAY ME! Yay for animation advantage. I get to eat some kinda breakfast thing at a ceremony of sorts in April. More on that later when it actually happens!
  • I totally rendered my 1st 3D thingy with the help of Blender and this one tutorial. It's more than just a cube and a circle this time! Took me all day today...
Okay that's all I haveta say. Good job with the post, Kevin! Buen trabajo!




United States.


Bandit Keith.


Cartoon series.





Steven Spielberg.

War of the Worlds.


The end of the world.

The end!

( lost it, Kev.)


Veronica said...

youre welcome for the picture

Maria said...

oh Kevin, you are both amusing and amazing. you are amu-azing? congrats on the reflections win! and on track! and on cats crew! and everything else! :)


regina said...

HAHA KEVIN. hooray for random conversations during middle-of-the-night car rides (:

Frances Castillo said...

i have no idea how you managed to transition on that last one cause it was really clever. :)

haha and before I read this post, I also read everyone's blog...and I know where all your references are to! loll