Friday, December 25, 2009

Is Santa a mutant?

Because that would explain a lot. It would explain how he can make reindeer fly, mind control elves to build toys, squeeze through any chimney, make his cheeks so rosy, and stay the same age and never die with such a rotund figure. It's called the Mutant Santa Theory.

Now a list with bullet points:
  • Woke up at 7 and played Metroid Prime. I'm ALMOST done with the first game, I think I just need two more Chozo Artifacts I think.
  • Watched It's A Wonderful Life in its entirety for the first time. Boy is it a good movie! The pacing is incredibly well done considering how a lot of them black and white movies tend to be a little slow, but that's just the filmnerd talking here. But man I got choked up at the very end. Hotdog!
  • Opened up gifts with the familia at around 11 o'clock! To put the sum on things, I got a few shirts, a couple movies, some Mickey Mouse gloves, some other stuff, and a few art books! THANKS EVERYONE! Much more exciting than a DVD-ROM drive. Who would want THAT for Christmas?
  • Ate yumlicious fish samiches that my mom cooked. WHOA, yumlicious, too lame/good of a word to find out someone else had thought of it before me so declining to search for it on Google!
  • Animated some Flash with Flash. Sentence also reworded as: animated with Flash, Flash. Also, the following is a grammatically correct sentence: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Crazay!
  • Read some of my drawing book. Ironic?
  • Went to the 2nd Uncle's house and partied it up there with cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and unknowns.
  • Favorite dinner foods: salad (surprising that I really enjoyed the salad?!), corn beef hash (though I like my parent's version better), and sauced chicken thing (what?).
  • I think this is my first time karaoking, not counting Singstar or Rockband! It's especially fun to play with some elder Asian people who sing just 1 noticeable second late to the words on screen.
  • White Elephant is also especially fun with horrible gifts and an incredibly sarcastic family. I got two wooden duckies, although now that I think about it, I probably should've gotten that picture frame. Hm. Oh well, I shall paint these duckies, and they shall be marvelous mallards.
  • Went home sorta earlyish!
  • Finished that Flash Flash animation.
  • Typed this up.
  • Went to sleep.
This Christmas was, for a lack of less-boring words, pretty good. (BUUHHHH "pretty good"?! That phrase should no longer be part of my repertoire of phrases! Someone hit me up with something better to replace it!) I felt really grown-up-ish this year (although not so grown up enough to use real words) because I didn't have that feeling of "I need to wake up so I can open my presents!". One possible reason is that now that I have a job that I work at for more than 3 hours a week (HAHA), I can pretty much buy whatever small luxury I want now. I could easily drive to the store and buy any game, any toy, any program of my desire without having to wait until that one special day of the year. In a way this growth takes away a lot of my innocence and replaces it with independence. No one told me that independence would make Christmas feel... less magical.

But don't get me wrong, Christmas is still awesome. Just a different kind of awesome nowadays.

So merry it, everyone! Merry Christmas!

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