Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kevin used Pencil!

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Those are my sketches I called "The Valiant", reason being I like the word "valiant". It's just an "over the shoulder peak into Kevin's artistic endeavors" kind of thing, complete with added captions. They're all reference drawings (I didn't just make them up) I drew a few months ago from Actually, you can find most of the stuff I draw in my green sketchbook from my Flickr account where you can see what I've already drawn and what I will post in the fuuUUuuture.

I was gonna write more in this post, but it's late and I am sleepier than that Pokemon Drowsy, and lemme tell ya, that guy is sleepy all day every day. That must be depressing, don't you think? Living your life, never really being fully awake. I'm pretty sure that's already some kind of disease. It sucks even more because it looks like some unattractive bipedal anteater in poop shorts. I would probably kill myself if I were Drowsy.

So yup, gotta go sleep before I die. Sort of ironic? Maybe. Good night.

P.S. Both Blogspot and Photobucket wouldn't let me upload the pic at its original resolution. Imageshack to save the day!!

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