Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sleepover poppin'

Q: When was the last time I went to a sleepover!?
A: Yesterday at Jaydee's house!

  • Loooong drive to Riverside, arrived there with other XC '09ers at around 9PM and ate most of a huge flying saucer pizza - the kind of pizza large enough to fully encase a child under the age of three.
  • Played BALDERDASH for many many hours. YEEAAAHHHHH FUN! Answer highlights from the game that I (well, mainly Veronica) can remember:
--SCRAP (anagram) =
Secret Carriers of Rats and Pigeons
Scary Clowns Rapping About Pie
Sick Children Race Across Philadelphia
--The Day the Fish Came Out (movie) =
A fish is eaten by a bear and has adventures in his stomach. One day, the fish comes out.
A boy hits puberty and can't control himself.
A gay fish admits he wants to go to TigerHeat.
--The Mysterious Mr. Wong (movie) = Frankie exposed!
--Soosoo (word) = What you dodo when someone hurts you.
--Fundungi (word) = A recreational game played in Poland where five people gather around and... git crunk.
--MEG acronym apparently has something to do with gorillas.
--In Illinois, it used to be illegal for women weighing more than 200 pounds to ride a horse in shorts. (That's actually true, albeit hilariously disgusting to imagine.)
--Happy Birthday to the ground.
I KNOW there's more to this list... so if anyone thinks of anymore, just hit me up, then I'll hit this up, and that's how we'll hit it up. That's like a 3x COMBO.
  • Played some Rockband 2 and Beatles Rockband. British accent not required to sing, although recommended for added flare. BYTHEWAY, how come when British people sing, their accent sounds like an American one? Ya think they think that of us? If I ever meet up with a fellow from the U.K., that shall me my number one question.
  • "Let's play TOD!" "Yeah!.." We never did.
  • "Let's play cards!" "Yeah!.." We never did.
  • "Let's sleep!" We did.
  • Slept from 3am-10:30am... (cue piano transition from night to day)
  • Ate a delicious breakfast from Jaydee's dad and sister! Egg/ham, toast, and waffos. BTW Jaydee, his dad, and his sister were such great hosts! (Hosts? Is that the word?) They spent a lot of time to cook all this food for us and I just wanted them to know how much we all appreciate it! (Yes, by talking about it in a blog post online.)
  • More Rockband, more pizza, more Balderdash, more food.
Before we got a chance to combine our experience by playing RockbalderBandash, it was already 5pm today! We had spent almost almost 24 hours over there. And so, with reluctance to leave the magical realm that is Jaydee's Riverside house, we packed up our stuff and headed back to the not-as-comparatively-magical realm that is our regular lives in Cerritos. But that was probably the most fun I've had this entire winter break! Thanks for the memories! (Even if they ARE so great..! Get it? Get it? FOB reference cmon.)

Sidenote of unrelatedness:

This post will most likely be my last post. EVER. My very last entry for this Kanga!! So I hope you've enjoyed it! YAY!.. because yeah, I'm moving my blog to somewhere else (assuming you're reading this on the old site), so technically it's not going AWAY, I'm just leaving Blogspot. Within a week your eyes shall gaze upon my brand new website! I just hope it'll meet your... approval... oh ho ho pish posh jolly good then teaser of the sort g'day!

carry on my wayward son.


Anonymous said...

good times :). and true dat abt the cards!

Veronica said...

1) a GAY fish admits..
2) dodo! not doodoo ew
3) i thought of the FOB song before i even read the next part ahaha
4) carry on my wayward son is now stuck in my head even though you didnt mention it -_-

Jaaaaaydeeeee said...

Yous are very welcome kevin! definately a highlight on winterbreak! lol good times :)

Veronica said...

also 3am not pm kthx