Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Uh oh.



I accidentally asked someone to prom.


I was hanging out at town center today with my friend from Cerritos. (It was Kevin N, btw.) We were talking blah blah and I was all "man, I dunno who I'm gonna ask to my prom! and it's like in a week!". So I got a little panicky and hesitant on whether or not I should go.

Kevin (not me, mind you) was all "oh man Kevin you HAVETA go! It's your senior prom! Want me to set you up with someone from Cerritos??". I looked at him with that "uuhhhhh... not really..." look. But then he kept going. "HEY!" as if he just remembered, "Don't you know Jennifer from my school? She said she wanted to go to a Whitney prom or formal but doesn't really know anyone there!" I actually did know her. I met her like a year ago when I went to this one party thing with a couple of Cerritos people there. I remembered her face... so that's a good sign..!

"Uhhhhhh wouldn't that be kinda weird? I don't really know her." But Kevin just kept on saying "Oh my god you should so ask her! She's nice! Cmoooon!" I didn't really budge. Suddenly, "OH MY GOD" he says, "YOU CAN ASK HER NOW!"

"...what do you mean ask her now?"



"She's in Tapioca Express RIGHT NOW!"


"Oh my god it's perfect."

"What the heck, I'm not gonna ask now..."

...and then Kevin went into this long persuasive essay of why I should ask her. How she's a senior too so it's her last chance. How she's really nice and funny. How she isn't a hussie and freaks or anything of the sort. How I still haven't come to a conclusion and I need to decide NOW! I swear, we debated for like 20 minutes.

And then.

I think.

He convinced me just a little.

And ran with it.

"WHAT AM I DOING?!" was all I thought. He took me outside to this random place to pick these big flowers from a bush. He said his friend got his flowers from there once. "I... CAN'T..." I just kept repeating to him, but my legs seemed to follow his every step. It was stupid, I know. But yknow that side of me who loves adventure? The side that's like "Hey Kevio. Go try something new. Who KNOWS how awesome it could be?"? Well that side was winning. Little by little. (Probably cuz Kevin was there.)

We walked to that back place near Imagix and she was sitting near Golden Spoon now (he said). My "I CAN'T"s turned into "HOW DO I DO THIS?!"s. Kevin said she doesn't like big elaborate askings, so it was perfect. He then told me that he was SUPPOSED to set her up with someone from Whitney, so I was like the perfect opportunity. Haha? Lovely.

He called her up on his phone and tried to do a lame casual talk like "hey remember Kevin Lam from Whitney?.. yeah, good guy... anyway... oh where are you right now?.. TC?.. oh that's cool..." all the while trying to hold in his laughter. "hey, um... whoa! I'm at the town center too! I've got a little surprise for you..." all the while I was giving him that "WHAT THE HECK'S HAPPENING" face. He says to her "come around the corner of Imagix, in that back parking area", which I now realize sounds really creepy.

So she came.

I said "hi..."

Kevin says to her "well yknow how you've been wanting to go to the Whitney prom..."

And then I asked.

She was a little shocked, a little flattered, and a little shy. And she said yes.

Soooo... what just happened? I was overcome with a feeling of accomplishment, yet still troubled. I JUST ASKED A RANDOM GIRL TO PROM! Could you imagine how awkward that scene was? Well it was quite awkward. QUITE THE AWKWARDS. Especially afterward, but I think that's always how it is? You ask, you hug, you stand there and look around.

But yeah. Recap? Me. Rando girl. Prom. What?

70% of me regrets this. But see, 30% of me doesn't! That's a good thing, right? This is just an anomaly, a stray from my mundane life of awesomeness. Change is good, right? I gotta explore! Have a little fun!'s too late to back out, huh.


TANGYSiN said...

kevin nintendo! wow what a guy -_- picking flowers from a bush?

have fun at prom kevio! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Paul said...

nice tryyy

you didnt fool me!

TANGYSiN said...

but you posted after april 1st!!


okay yeah ouch i was fooled. LOL that was why you didnt know if she was krn/chinese or her last name hehehehehe...


Kristen said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOW this was a really good one! way better than all the "i'm pregnant" "i'm transferring to UCLA/USC" ones!