Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lazy Butt

The idea of a lazy butt. Does anyone else find that comical? With its unsupported sits and nonchalant farts? Well I find it funny.


Who doesn't love a nice week of not-school? We finally get all the free time in the world TO... uh... well that's the thing, lotsa people I think want all this free time in spring summer and winter, but so many people complain about being bored! I'm not saying I'm never bored (I often am [I spent a good hour on Youtube watching stuff from FailBlog]), but I think that's really horrible. Boredom. That's such a terrible state to be in! Not having anything to do? That's ridiculous. Look around you, I bet you see at least a dozen books on a shelf, pencils and papers everywhere, AND, the infinitely expanding internet right at the tip of your fingers! Bored people are just lazy people. Honestly. People who don't have the will to make use of their free time because it requires "energy".

WHOA sorry that rant was unexpected. Well since I'm here, might's well rant some more.

Yknow that Pixar movie Cars? Well I was watching it the other day because they've been playing it on every existing station ever, and I've come to the conclusion... that it is both the best and worst movie ever.

It's awesome because, well it's based around a world of cars. That's pretty hardcore fantasy. And yet... it all seems believable! Sure, there are some loop holes (why the heck are there sidewalks), but they make this world come to life to such perfection that we believe it could actually happen. We believe that that is exactly how cars would move if they were actually living beings. The moral isn't too unique, but that just makes the movie even more classic. It holds a universal theme that can be understood no matter the place or time period.

However, it's a world of cars. What da eff. Not only does the audience have difficulty relating to something with almost no human attributes (just the face?), the characters are horrible stereotypes of every race in the world. (Or maybe we just fill in the stereotypes? I bet if Mater were human, he'd be an upperclass skinny guy... from Russia.) The whole movie is a giant cliche that is only unique because it uses "cars", but even that gimmick isn't effective.


I'm done talking about cars.

As I was saying, Spring Break gives me so much time. I have a few duties to take care of, but I'm given like 216 hours to complete em! That incredible amount of dead time just makes me even lazier, so I haveta make a huge effort just to do one little thing. But when it comes down to it (I dunno what "it" is), the only thing stopping me from getting something done is... myself. DUH DUH DUH!

So that's something that also sounds stupid. The inability to do something because you can't make yourself do it. Wait a minute... THAT'S ALSO LAZINESS! Word of the day, guys. Laziness. Message of the day, laziness sucks. I think laziness is just the result of our desire to please ourselves. But I guess that's human nature? To make yourself happy? But being lazy makes you happy in the short run, not the long run. Snap, convert that into intelligent-sounding language and you got a moral of the day! TAKE NOTES!

But I digress. (OR DO I?!)

Take for example, last Thursday. Track meet.

League 2 - Oxford
Do dirt tracks really slow you down that much? I guesso. I like making them lil holes on the track though.

4x1 relay - First short relay with two Whitney teams! I had to run lead leg against Thomas, he's fast. EVERYONE'S SO FAST! Personal concern part of the entry: am I really fast enough to be on the 4x1 team? I haven't really been showing it at practice, so how do I know that I'm pretty much one of the top four 100m runners? I DON'T KNOW! Maybe if I don't say anything they'll just keep me there. Yeah...

100m - Haha my start was pretty awful. I caught the guys next to me though... and also got second place to Alvin! ALVIN!!!

THAS ME! Forreals this time.

4x4 relay - I wasn't gonna run this. I wasn't supposed to. But Thomas was injured and Jan already had 4 events. I found out I was on the relay team half way through the meet and got all "AAAHHHH SNAP!". But I ran it. And it was incredibly fun. I didn't burn out, I was so happy...

First ever Field 4x1 Relay? Neat stuff!

Oh gorsh I was just thinking, I need a bigger vocabulary of positive adjectives. So far I've gots my "cool"s and "awesome"s ready for whippin out, but nothing else. The variety comes when I add a "so" before those words. I think that was the first I've ever said "neat" in my life. Honest.

Thursday track.

Friday good.


Twas quite fun! If you're not from Whitney or got amnesia and can't remember the past couple months, this year's prom was held at the Grove in Anaheim. Speaking of which, the "Grove" was NOT, in any way, a small group of trees used as a place of pagan worship. So either they named it wrong, or Wikipedia is wrong. And I doubt it's the latter...

I went with Milly Shah! YAY FUN! There is no Jennifer, cmon guys.

Again addressing the amnesiacs, we got a pasta dinner which was DELICIOUS! I don't care what you think, pasta is awesome no matter what form. Even Hutch pasta I can eat, even though it tastes like mashed rice in the form of expired cardboard tubes. I still eat it...

Hey I ended both paragraphs with italics...

Dalley dalley bo balley (and friend)

So you forgetful people, how much do you think prom was? If you thought $100, THEN HOT DOG YOU'D BE RIGHT! But the question is... was it worth it? Let's run down what I got and the price of each item.

Nice place/atmosphere - $25
Big screen TV - $10
Candy bar - $3
DRINK BAR WITH SODAS - $1 (I didn't drink soda. I got water, sucka, $1 is for shooting my drink from a beer hose.)
Random smoke in the air - $2
Random lights in my face - minus $2
The lights look cool with the smoke - $2
Red carpet..? - $1
Fireworks false alarm - $0
Dance floor + Music - $20

WAIT... now that I think about it... a lot of this stuff you can't put a price tag on... awww more morals! Like I was gonna put "hanging out with friends", or "having an awesome date", or "watching Frankie dance" (HAHA I'M JUST KIDDING FRANKIE I actually didn't see you dance. But I've heard stories. HAHA just kidding. Okay no one tell Frankie I wrote this. Shhh...), but I couldn't think of a price for them. It's sort of... well in the words of Mr. Card: priceless.

But for everything else, prom owes me $23.

Oh yeah, and yay for the actual asking!

"What does a cheerleader use on Saturday?"

"Prom prom?"

I know you wanna high five me and Paul. Admit it. Adm It.

Hold up now! This has nothing to do with what I was talking about earlier! I thought it did, but it didn't. Okay well yeah, all you guys need is will power and you'll be good to go in life. It's so easy to not do something. It's never easy to do something you don't want to do.


What am I talking about now?! Whatever, here's what I want you to get from this post:

-Don't be lazy.
-Track is fun.
-Prom was fun.
-Kevin is cool.

The End. time on Kanga...


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Kristen said...

i'm glad you enjoyed prom!
yes, tumblr can support comments through script from disqus.

and i love Cars. i think its the quirky humor - the very clever puns especially. it wasnt meant to be earth-shattering, but i did think it was creative. the movie has cliches and stereotypes a-plenty, but gives them a twist with humor. they paid a lot of attention to detail.