Sunday, April 5, 2009

Will you go to poem with me?


There's still a bunch of stuff on my mind though.

I started making this list... and then BAM it turned into a poem. Yes I'm that awesome.

But memories are priceless.
I don’t want to go.
But I sort of do.
I’m not into dances.
But it’s your one and only senior year prom.
It takes planning that I don’t enjoy (including asking).
But not a terrible amount, I’ve done it before.
I already went to formal.
But this isn’t the same.
It’s too last minute.
But it’s do-able.
Not a lot of other people are going.
Shut up.
I can spend my time and money doing other fun stuff.
But there’s no substitute for this.
But there is.
Nuh uh.
Uh huh.
Ten years down the line, I won’t care.
Ten years down the line, I might care.
It’s not worth it.
But I’m not sure.

-kevin lam

Wait, Kevin Lam? More like KEDGARVIN LAMLLEN... POE!


What else was this weekend about?

I tried buying Atonement today. I couldn't find it. (stupid borders, IT IS SO NOT LIKELY IN STORE.) Instead, I bought The Road.

I'm eating more to get fatty.

I now wear a t-shirt to sleep as opposed to long sleeve. Hello warmer weather.

I'm almost done with the track shirt.


BTW that last post was an... APRIL FOOL! (April joke..?)

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Kristen said...

you can buy atonement off me :D