Monday, April 27, 2009

Is sleepover one word?

Yesterday (morning) was senior sleep over! To be continued...

Spring break ended a week ago. You think I care? DO YOU THINK I CARE THAT A SPRING BREAK POST WOULD BE RIDICULOUSLY LATE?! WELL... Eh I dunno where I was going with this.

Beach w/ Track

HARDCORE WORKOUT! As in we work out and get hard cores. Haha. Write that one down.

-Commentate a good caption for this please!-

Volleyball! Chips with dip! Fish sandwich! Lifeguard tower w/ Cinday! Sexy waves! Boogie boardin'! I'm a badass driver! Just a typical day of fun at the beach. WITH TRACK TEAM!

Bowling w/ Friends

Played with CraigPaulDarrenTaylor! My fore arm got so sore. Luckily my three arm was still aite. Ey no...

I dunno. 116 + 100 = good games??

Breakfast w/ PTA

Free breakfast is always good breakfast (unless it's gross food). Twas weird, I had to say the pledge of allegiance with everyone in the room, and 75% of them were adults. It's really weird! Really! Have YOU ever said the pledge of allegiance with more than two adults at a time? Didn't think so! They sounded like an army of zombies, I should've recorded it.

After getting my award and plaque (!!!), we just totally boned out.

Friday Saturday and Sunday spring break I don't remember what I did. YAY FORGETFORIES.

Rewind to last year...

On another note, here's the video (in two parts) of last year's Comic-Con fun.

San Diego Comic-Con Adventures! With Jan and me.

If you're interested in going this year, tell me or Jan or Cindy or Amanda or Samee or Connie, CUZ WE'RE TOTALLY GOING THIS YEAR! I'm the "so" kind of excited.

Fast forward to this week...

Track Meet!
League 3 Oxford

4x1 - I ran well! I think I got a good start, hand off was spot on. Good chap.
400m - WHOA haven't run this since last year. I though it felt pretty good, but I got a 57.12. HAHA (Translation: It felt okay, but I ran slow. Aw man.)
4x4 - 3rd leg this time! I wasn't SUPPOSED to run. But due to technical difficulties (but not really technical), I had to run it. I did quite swimmingly though! Totally got increased our Alvin lead.

This past meet I realized how amazing the 4x4 relay is. The anticipation builds up not only throughout the whole meet, but also during the actual. I run 2nd or 3rd leg on my team. As soon as my teammate before me is running his lap, I have to step onto the track. I fidget around with excitement, anxiety, and fear as he turns the corner. I see the Whitney jersey come first on the straight away followed closely by the other schools. He's closing in and looking as exhausted as I will be in one minutes time. He comes within a few steps and I start to lead off. His arm reaches out to pass the baton; Connect, grab, and run.

I burst out of the turn hoping that whoever is close behind isn't too close behind. I pump my arms and lift my knees to break out of that start. Before I know it, I'm striding on the back stretch of the track. I constantly monitor my speed. I have to resist from exploding forward so I don't run out of energy, but at the same time I pick myself up to keep my pace just slightly faster than the guy behind me. It's a mind game of not too fast, not too slow, and before I know it I'm already and finally at the 200 meter mark. Half way done.

The second turn I try to stay consistent, leaning in slightly to get an edge. It's now that I want to throw in the towel and turn down the intensity to a simmer, but I can't. I'm almost there. Will I make it? Do I have enough energy to sustain this lead and bring it in all the way? My body says no but my mind contradicts. Teammates are there to cheer me on, screaming their heads off to keep on going. It's just what I need. They give me enough fuel to bring into the home stretch.

I flip the cradled baton out for an easy pass. 100 meters left. Suddenly there is no need for a lean and all that's left is a straight line. I give it my all. I turn my whole body up a notch, giving every last bit of strength I have into the parts of my body that can keep me running. I close my eyes, it's hard to see. My form is sloppy, it's hard to stay conscious. My body begins to break down - it isn't meant to push this hard, last this long, run this fast. But it does. It's been chipping away and I'm ready to crumble, but somehow, it does. I run on empty but sprint like I'm filled to the brim.

20 meters to 10, I pass the line but it's not over. My arm extends as I enter the passing zone. I reach out and my teammate grabs the baton from my hand. Connect, release, and stop. I run off the track into the crowd where my legs know no strength and my heart knows no pause. He's running his lap with the baton cradled just like mine. I know my teammate is going through the same power and atrophy as I did, so I cheer for him with what breath I have left. It's the idea of competition and speed that compels us, but the feeling of passion and unity that drives.

In the end, I love track.


Senior Sleep over!

FINALLY. I GET TO WRITE ABOUT THIS. Yknow half of this post got deleted so I had to rewrite that whole track part. I think it was about a paragraph longer the first time. Good thing or bad thing? I dunno, but SUCKS FOR ME. Anyway.

Senior Sleepover!
Lotsa fun!

Since it's super late, I'll just summarize it, Veronica-style.
  • SNACKS! Shouldn't have bought dinner...
  • Pictionary (I used my abilities to draw a standing stick figure)
  • Where the wind blows -> Do you love your neighbor? = Fun until someone gets hurt.
  • I lost my socks, but I don't care they're old
  • What the heck dance?
  • What the heck LAN?
  • Egyptian war = scary Tim
  • Sleep and wake up.
  • Body tangles
  • Crotch in face
  • Fart trails
  • Farting in faces (sorry Darren, but I don't think you noticed?)
  • Rearrangement and pillow sharing
  • Sleep and wakeup.
  • Morning! Yummy croissants.
  • We're all zombies... go home.





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