Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are you shoe about that

Happy 100 Kanga posts!

It's somewhere around there, I can't really tell seeing how I have a few drafts that I never published (what ever happened at the end of senior year? DID RETREAT HAPPEN?! KANGA NO SAY! KEVIN NO SE!!!). But this would be post 110, so I probably hit 100 some time ago.

To celebrate my sexiness (and 100 posts), I have a, uh... picture!

I permanent-marker'd those today (thanks for the sharpies, Kristina!). The face part is pretty much done, just gotta do the sides and the back and I'll be done with my ENTIRE SHOES! YAY! Wait "entire shoes" sounds wrong. Does "entire" only work with singular nouns? Hey "Entire" is a cool word. Sounds like the name of a book about magical cars.

Ehm, can you tell what they're doing on my shoes? (HAHA that question reminds me of my 1st grade journals where I'd draw a picture and ask some random question about it to take up space.)

Today I also realized how much I improvised in my art pieces. Example, I wasn't even planning to add those yellow and orange streaks on my shoes. It just happened. And it looks cool. But that's how most of my art projects go, but I should stop doing that because it usually doesn't end well...


And sorry about using the word "sexiness". I'll try my best to use it sparingly.


Stina said...

Whooaaaa those are awesome! :)
Glad my sharpies were put to good use hehe.

tim said...

godzilla and king kong are playing catch.

with people.