Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Caterpillar Fat

I just got a Flickr account.

Follow The Lines

I've always dreamed of a place like that, I'm not kidding. I shall go there one day.

Switching gears, sometimes I think it's bad if I don't post in my blog. (I have great transitions!)

Does it mean I don't find life as interesting? Is what I'm doing not worth type a couple paragraphs about it?


But I think if I have any random little events to talk about, I'll just twitter it. HEHE!!! It's much more convenient. I'll type here in my Kanga if...

A) I have a story to tell.
B) I have a picture to show.
C) It's something interesting that deserves more than 140 characters.

Yeah, random stuff I do doesn't need to be blogged... I can just twitter it. Sweet. Also, this is not a place for teen angst, so you shall receive none of that. NONE DAT! That is the Kanga Guarantee! (Disclaimer: I might talk about angsty stuff sometimes... but not a LOT... I mean... I don't know, sometimes people just don't understand me... AGH I just hate life sometimes man!)

Here's a video so I don't get bored with this post.

Paul. Dances.

We were playing WarioWare Smooth Moves at this past Christmas Party. Good times, Pauly!



It is fine.

Got a Macbook, cleaned up my room, animating a lot, swam today, having difficulty following my "skehjool"...


Well a short one. Today I went to an open mic thing at "It's a Grind!" (note to company, it's better with that exclamation mark) to watch Richard Tran perform. He so good! Link to Youtube! Yar yar! GJEEAARRB!

But the best part was the comedian guy. The unfunniest "comedian" I've ever seen, which made it really hilarious. You know it's bad when every joke is followed with a "so ANYWAY... (pause)... (silence)..." At least he tried though, right?

In other disconnected news, tomorrow I'm heading off to Comic-Con! YAAYY!! I'M EXCCCIIIIIITED! I'm more excited than a caterpillar going into its chrysalis, and lemme tell ya, if I were a little fat bug eating my weight in leaves, I'd be incredibly anxious to sleep my fat ass off. Just sayin. so ANYWAY... I'll be coming back Sunday afternoon with books, posters, and swags galore. Tell me if you want anything! Shirt? Signing? Book? I can get it for ya! I can check my email there too! Thas what I get with iPod Touch + Free Wifi! YAY!

See? Fat caterpillar excitement is growing.


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