Sunday, November 29, 2009

Belated Yourewelgetting


Why is it called "Black" Friday? "Green" Friday could make sense because we become greedy monsters chompin at the best discounts. Or "Blue" Friday could work because we're incredibly sad we still can't buy that $500 flatscreen (that is usually $2000) because it's still not cheap enough. Or "Yellow" Friday because countless thrifters pee themselves from the sight of such incredible bargains. Or "Purple" or "Red" Friday, for the frantic scrambling resulting in bruised bones and blood baths. So many other good possibilities!! Might's well call it Rainbow Friday. (I couldn't think of one for orange.)

I don't know why I ranted.

How was your Thanksgiving? HEY I have an amazing idea: The day after Thanksgiving, a new holiday: Yourewelgetting. Since we spend an entire day thanking people and things, the next logical step is to reply with a nice overwhelming "You're welcome!". In a few years, we could then have the holidays "Howareyaquestion" and "Sameolsameolreply". In fact, if we add a sentence holiday every day of the year, analysts predict we'll have a whole conversation by Spring 2015. The last holiday added would be "Lemmegetthatforyaoffer", which would of course be followed by a friendly "Thanksgiving".

I don't know why I typed all that.

My Turkey Break was great! The awesome week-long R&R consisted of musicals, conventions, dolphin bays and checkers, "slappin da bass"'s, video games, turkeys and hams, scattergorizings, websitings, Goo-Mas, mall visits, people visits, bulgogis, and paintings. Lots and lots of paintings (well, just one piece) (One Piece??) (no, one art piece.) (Oh.).

I don't know why I referenced One Piece.

Now time for us to go back to school! Oh how I squeal with excitement.


M.B. said...

ahahaha! i love the comic!

counting down to winter break!

Veronica said...