Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today during lunch,

I was kinda bored. After consuming my triple-breaded PB&J mass of deliciousness, I was left with the tin foil it came in. Naturally, I constructed a little foil man from it (who matches my tape man I made in art class that you are completely aware of).

Then I made a little stop-motion animation of him transforming into another foil man... though I don't have motivation to put that together right now.

And then, and then, I made this guy.

And then I started drawing on my hand...

His name is Doctor Cop*! The "gun" in his hand looks like that one gun from Halo. Needler? (without the actual needles)

Victor was reading FML on his iPhone (I eat lunch with him sometimes). Little does he know Doctor Cop is about to blow off his head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three new friends!

One new friend! He is sleepy and does not rock out.

Uh oh! This guy doesn't look friendly!

First impression correct.

He grew arms!

Uh oh!

Maybe Doctor Cop and his new hands will stop the bad guy!
(Spoiler: He doesn't.)

Instead, Doctor Cop catches a robber for impersonating Zorro.

The End! I should totally start my own photo blog like Kristina and Maria, this can be my first wonderful post. Prediction: Gazillion hits.

So... very merrily! Entry over! I still have other stuff to talk about too! AND ANIMATION EXPO COMING UP THIS SUNDAY! More on that later! Next update: Thursday or Friday.

* "Doctor Cop" is his name, he is not actually a doctor.

But he
is a real cop.


M.B. said...

Wow, this was awesome, haha! My favorite was the rock-out and sleeping guy. :)

Btw, your verification word thing is: "calms"


stina said...



i wish i could eat lunch with you haha

kiweesplash said...

omg i can't believe you do that in public. =P