Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Comic + Weencap

New comic!

On a completely unrelated note, a lil somethin for me only two weeks late:
my Halloween '09 recap.

  • Partied-it-up with Frances, Kristina, and Jane (not the partying kind of partying, the commandeering of candy kind). Planned to go to Balboa.
  • I was Carl Fredricksen! Yknow. Old man from Up. (Which I saw again today - just as or even MORE awesome the 3rd time!)
  • At first I thought this year we were a little too old to go trick-o-treating... but then I saw a picture of an artist named Brad Guigar on Twitter getting his Dr. Strange costume ready for the big day. He's 30-somethin' years old. This wasn't the solidifying sight that convinced me it was okay to trick-o-treat, but it made me feel better about doing so. Also, trick-o-treatin' is still pretty fun.
  • Chipotle! Free burritos = long line
  • Jane didn't feed me while I was driving us to Balboa to trick-o-treat, but that idea, if executed, would've been both funny and frightening - trying to smash a messy burrito in my face as I maneuver a large car down the road at 70mph and all. Well, maybe just frightening.
  • Ladeeda door to door getting candy. Yknow what, I bet religious groups can get some fancy business on Halloween night.
-knock knock, open door-

"Hi, I'm from the 'God Is Awesome' church, would you like to believe in this bible?"

"Oh uh... no-"

"Make a donation?"

"No, no thank you."

"Oh I see. In that case, I am a trick-o-treater, I request that you give me some candy, as you are required to do so to a trick-o-treater. -holds out bag-"

"Um... -drops one lone candy in bag- okay bye now."

"Guess what. You just donated some Bon Bons to Jesus Christ. I win."

Actually I wouldn't want this to happen.
  • At one house, the door opened to a guy who called himself "The Wizard". He'd quiz us on random trivia according to our education status (he didn't know much art so I had to answer Beowulf questions), and then gave us candy depending on how many questions we got right. So that was new.
  • Later we met up with Darren and Kenny and Kenny's possum posse from UCI! (HAH could you imagine Kenny with a possum?? Actually, that's not very hard to imagine for some reason.)
  • Then they left to karaoke I think.
  • Lastfinally, we walked down to the beach. For the lack of a philosophical life analogy of the open, breezy beach which led out to an ocean visible by nothing but moonlight, it was cool!
  • Then home. Good Halloween. The end.
By the ways, this scene wasn't even in Up, but it's still hilarious on its own...



M.B. said...

i enjoyed that comic, kevin! you should put up a site (unless you already have, and i am ignorant O.O), and make it the next xkcd or something. :)

that would be awesome.

and! glad you had a fun halloween! i watched zombieland. ^^

Frances Castillo said...


p.s i like the comic.

why wasn't that scene in the film!?!?

Kevin Lam..? said...

Yyyyeeah I don't have a site for all the comics yet. I'll make one after I finish revamping my blog, so maybe in a few months?