Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thy Coloring

BAM final piece first. I spent almost all day coloring this baby! (Note: Character in image is not actually a baby.)

His tentative name is Elliot and he is a Line Walker. duh duh DUH! "What! What is a 'Line Walker'? What Kevin? What what? Confused soul I hath assumed, doth my mind aspire yonder, for thy groves worn of settlement??" is more or less what you're probably thinking. Well, impressive!, and time shall tell who this Elliot character is...

But right now! Ze process!!

Skipping the penciling part... here's the line art. Looks like he's surfing.

Then I put in the base colors. Is that the right term? "Base" colors?

Darks. Lights. Yeah the whites didn't do much, maybe I should've made the initials darker...

Background bases! If I gave you those colors, then... all my base are belong to you. (NO KEVIN.)

Finalmente, background embellishments.

After that, I covered the piece with a sepia-ish hue, and voila! The picture at the beginning of the post is born!! (Note: Contrary to diction, character in image is still not a baby.)

Now you might be saying "hey I like all those colors better than the final product. Why'd you sepia it..?". I've thought that a few times before looking at other peoples' works (so I assumed you'd think that too), and my answer is: I do it for the mood. It's just personal preference.

"Wait wait, why didn't your BASE colors just use the sepia-ish colors? All that initial coloring went to waste since you just changed it up at the end!". I too have thought this (and so have you)! I wouldn't KNOW what the sepia-ish version of red looks like without first putting the red down, so I color everything without any effects, and then add cool stuff later.

Yup! A little tip to the toes, SMUDGE TOOL WORKS WONDERS. I just discovered it in Photoshop and it's incredibly useful for blending. There's this entry's pro-tip! Although if you never use Photoshop, then you have completely wasted your time reading this paragraph. Gjob, loser. (To the soft-hearted: Just kidding!)

And that's my show! Hope you liked my drawing as much as I did making it! Gnight!!

(Dang. I might be more proud of that Shakespeare-like sentence I made up there.)

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