Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fallin', Fallin', Fallin', Fallin'...

Do you ever start singing a song and then have that song change into a totally different song? And then your mind is just stuck on that one segment of notes that bridges the two parts? Yknow what I mean??

I was telling Craigo the other day that my Ghostbuster's theme song always turns into "In Too Deep" by Sum 41. He helped me solve the problem.

Right now I sometimes get stuck when "1901" by Phoenix turns into "Kids" by MGMT. I go "girlfriend, no your girlfriend, duh duh duh trippin away... past and present eighty fifty five nineteen oh-one duh nuh nuh must've hurt a lot I guess not... control yourself... take only what you neeeed from it...". I don't even know if those are the right lyrics, and they probably aren't. But that's how I sing it! And it gets stuck like that sometimes!

OH dude I should make up a word for that.


BOOM done. Twas a combo of "song" and "transition".

songzition - occurs when often misinterpreted notes of a song trigger a person's mind to change songs in mid-singing.
Example: (see paragraph of "1901" and "Kids")

When I started writing this entry, I never intended to make up a new word... oh well. I just did it. THAT. JUST. HAPPENED. (Was that a Will Farrell movie quote? Anyone know which one? Talladega I'm thinkin'?) No I was actually gonna talk about college. HUZZARS!

Lemme first declare that yesterday was all kinds of boring. Here's what happened:
  • Go to art! I don't feel like drawing.
  • We get let out an hour and a half early. Almost 2 hours till work.
  • Walkin' around... lookin' for friends... search ends zero results...
  • Library is interesting??
  • It isn't.
  • I try to draw... end up drawing man out of proportion. For me, that's quite demoralizing - drawing a person that doesn't look like a person. That's like eating a cake that tastes like broccoli YES THAT ANALOGY APPLIES. (assuming you don't like broccoli? I'm actually impartial to it.)
  • I fall asleep on the desk (first nap at college!!)
  • Wake up, go to the end of an art club meeting.
  • Blah blah go to work, more boring stuff ensues, and so on.
Yup, my day was about as interesting as riding in a car blindfolded. I mean, you can twirl your thumbs a little, but other than that, you just gotta sit there YES THAT ANALOGY APPLIES AS WELL.

But today was all kinds of FUN! At least more than usual.
  • Got to school, drew a picture of an epic old guy in my sketchbook from the computer. Life needs more epic old people. I'd love to see a few dozen Gandalfs running around the street... but at the same time I'd be terrified.
  • In math we learned how to find the area of a shape! Yeah actually that might be a downside of the day. OH but upside, I finished my homework for Tuesday! So peanut butter kudos.
  • Hung out with some people from my 2D Design class. I consider them my friends now, AND YKNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!? I have at least one friend in all of my classes! Awesome-sauce! Most of them are Asian though. Not sure why I'm pointing that out...
  • It was "Snow Day" at CSUF and they had a snow slide and a snow pit thing with a snowman. I was hanging out with Jackson (a guy I hang out with) and he said "I kind of want to go on that slide." "Yeah, me too." "Let's do it!" So we did. Twice. And it was fun.
  • While waiting for my food at Green Burrito, a guy said to me "hey, you dropped your money". I look down at the ground and there's a wad of cash on the floor. "Holy smokes! How foolish of me!" I says in my head. I pick up the bills, it equaled at least $50.00! I then realized "wait a minute... I only had three dollars in my wallet..". Turns out some other guy behind me dropped it. I happily handed it back to him and he said thank you with that "OH WHA..." look on his face, probably thinking "Holy smokes! How foolish of me!". As he walked away I mumbled a "Merry Christmas..!".
  • I hung out with Jackson a lil more, then went to my freehand drawing art class...
  • ...which really wasn't painful at all! So that's new. It was just a general relaxing work day and I got to awkwardly draw one of my classmates upon the professor's request.
So to sum up the excitement of those bullet points, yesterday was boring and today was fun. Odd how the quality of the days can vary so much for no real reason, dontcha think? Unlike similar sounding songs, life often has no transitions.



HAHA while I was watching The Office just now, I switched to Supernatural during the commercial. Here's what I saw:
-Guy A reading a book... in the dark.-

-Guy A turns around and Guy B is in the room with him-

A: Where've you been?

B: Jerusalem.

A: How was it?

B: Arid.


Finally in Kevin's Mundane Life News, my Christmas tree is up, now complete with big pockets of darkness from the unevenly placed Christmas lights! Holiday spirit deliciousness!!

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anne said...

what a coincidence! I actually know what the song thing you were talking about in the beginning is! I read an essay about it. they are called brainworms.