Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fine, how was yours?

3 things about today.

I totally went to the post office to send my portfolio to LMU. You can't get much more adult than a post office!! That wasn't sarcasm! I'm on my way from awesome kid Kevin to awesome YOUNG ADULT KEVIN! I've been post-officing and grocery shopping, now all I have to do is get drunk with some colleagues and file some taxes! EXCITING!!!

Today at school, there was a guest speaker who was a videographer, and web/graphic designer (Shannon Acevado if you were wondering). I sat in to hear her speech during the one hour lunch and it was SO, to use it again, AWESOME! All this talk about freelancin' and art and business is SO, to use "to use it again" again, EXCITING!! ...and then for contemporary media I heard the exact same speech. Again. It's like if you watched an episode of Lost twice: there aren't really any surprises so you start to imagine how Locke would look with hair. Long, wavy hair.

I'M SICK! People who might've made me sick:
3-My mom / dad / sister

Yknow how everything usually sucks when you're sick? Well today was a bit different! I felt really sslllooowww toooddaayyy... like that one comic with The Flash when he fights The Turtle, The Slowest Man Alive. Ysee, The Turtle got the ability to slowwww down time, so The Flash really had no powers because he could only move as fast as a regular person. Long story short, The Flash defeats him. While all this is happening, cars have been crashing and flying in the air (but for the scarlet speedster, they're just suspended in the air), so The Flash fixes the scene SO FAST that no one actually realizes it. It all happens within a fraction of a second. He explains:
"The Turtle is out and so is all the kinetic energy he took... Updrafts will help me lower the cars to the ground. I go the extra mile and fix them. Even change the oil. Just because I can."

But I progress.

So anyway, today I felt really slow. But that turned out to be a good thing because I just finished studying civics (YES, AND IT'S NOT EVEN 10:00 YET), and I'm appreciating the songs on my iPod now. I'm sure that's somehow related. In any case, I just feel very satisfied with myself.

Oh and I totally shared some food with three people cuz I forgot I was sick. Ehm, hannahkristinadarren... sorry! But if you get sick within the next few days, you know where it came from! YAY!

Done with english project SWEET!


Frances Castillo said...

:) kevinnn!

aww i'm sorry you're sick. hooope you feel better

also you're lucky you finished civics early haha.

and as for the video on my blog, i think it may have been that movie!

kiweesplash said...

i am sick too. but it wasn't me! i'm not even home!