Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Wisdom Teeth and Me!

If you didn't hear the news, HERE IT COMES:

I got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday! HOORAH!

All four of them.

So yeah, yesterday was pretty torturous. I couldn't eat ANYTHING all day, I just sipped some water here and there. Man I was hungrier than someone who's really really hungry. Oh it just so happened that soccer girls were giving each other gifts, so there were DONUTS EVERYWHERE!!! You know I can't resist those delicious rings of fattiness. But yesterday, I had to. There was even one point in English class where Soomin was like "I can't eat this, does anyone want my donuts?". NO ONE TOOK IT! I WOULD'VE, BUT I COULDN'T!! I just had to drink my lil water...

Luckily I avoided food during lunch time to take a free art lesson by an alumni in the art room. HEADS UP, if I'm not there during lunch on Friday, I'll be in the art room.

ANYWAY, at around 2 o'clock I found myself in a chair in the dentist office ready to be surgerized. There were three nurses standing around me waiting for the doctor to come in, and they were chatting about something something paying bills something. There were a couple moments of loooong awkward silences, and I really wanted to bust out laughing, but they'd have thought I was crrAAaaazy if I did.

I fell asleep waiting for the doctor, but 10 minutes later he came in and was all "Hey Kevin, you ready?". "Yeeeh..." I mumbled. One of the nurses sprayed my arm with what felt like Superman ice breath, and then they injected me with a shot. "Now you're just gonna take a nice little nap..." Dr. K said. Yes, his name was Dr. K-something.

"Okay..." I said.

I sat there for 10 seconds just waiting for my body to shut down. Then my head got really... warm... like someone spilled hot chocolate on my brain.

Then I was out.

The next thing I remember I was stumbling around a hall... and then I was in a parking lot, someone was helping me walk... I thought it was Dr. K but it was probably my dad. I remember being in the car trying to say something to my dad as he drove me home, but I kept on ending with a "...nevermindi'lltellyoulater..." because I could barely understand what I was saying.

I remember stumbling through the garage into my house, then somehow I turned my computer on. I don't know how. And yknow how when they do surgery stuff on you, they inject all this novacaine and booze in you to make you a little high? Well what followed was one of my funniest recordings ever with my webcam...

Kevin Without Wisdom
(subtitled, the best I could, for your convenience. REMEMBER I WAS DRUGGED!)

I honestly don't remember recording most of this. I just remember saying "loooopy", but that's about it. There are actually two more videos of me like this (one includes me singing), but maybe I'll upload em later, I'm too lazy to subtitle all of it.

Now after this I took a nap.


(I don't want people to know about the pain. Yet. MUAHAHHAHA)

I woke up and I was in so much pain. It was so bad I could use a big word and describe it as EXCRUCIATING! I wished I had a stress ball so I could squeeze it, or maybe just a tiny chick, that woulda been fine too. I felt like a tiger was chewing my jaw off, which, now that I think about it, is kinda ironic. Then I realized my dad got me my pain killers! So I took one of them and waited a little bit, BUT THEY DIDN'T HELP! Turns out I just took the antibiotics, the pain killers were in another bottle... so then I took some of them REAL pain killers and felt a wee better after a little nap.

Okay keep on reading from here:

And that was basically it. I ate some juk(?) for dinner. Then I slept at like 9 till morning, waking up every couple hours to replace the gauze things in my mouth. I bled a lot. BTW, this is the time when parents are really awesome. When you're physically dying, they're there to help you! YAY POSITIVE THINKING!

Now begins the healing process and YES my cheeks DID get puffy! You know what that means? I can receive TWO kisses on my cheek at the same time! FANTASTIC!! Or maybe just one kiss from a girl with a really big mouth.


enajane said...

you are so drunk.
haha send me the singing one.

yay! its over. no more pulling of wisdom teeth:)

Paul said...

you had reason to be scared!

kiweesplash said...

HAHAHA. you are a hilarious drunk.
hmm, the anesthesia didn't affect me at all when i had my wisdom teeth taken out...

i also took the transformers quiz today, and i am 62% megatron. WTF. i am not only evil, i am the evil LEADER! MWAHAHA.

TANGYSiN said...

oh kevio...

please don't ever get drunk. lol. yayeah i got NO wisdom teeth. :]

Kristen said...

HAHAHAHAHA I WAS ROFLING SOOOO HARDDDD YOUR VIDEO IS HILARIOUS. you WOULD go straight to your computer and turn on your webcam - -'

are you canto?

Alexander Chang said...

aww lucky i was awake when then pulled out 2 of my wisdom teeth.

now my other wisdom teeth are poking through...-prays they're straight-

-pat pat- but i hope you'll recuperate because kevin + puffy cheeks is just...madness

Kimberly said...

wow, this is probably the funniest thing i have ever seen. hahaha, i watched this at like, 1:30 am and i had to try SO HARD not to laugh out loud AHHHH! yeah, when i woke up after getting my wisdom teeth pulled my mom said i kept saying that the blinds were moving, and i wouldn't shut up about that for like, 10 minutes...