Monday, January 19, 2009

Sometimes I have dreams too.

White man look lame, black man look tight!

I shouldn't be updating My Kanga right now. Why? Because I have so much to do! And at the same time I have NOTHING TO DO. These moments in my life sure are perplexin'. LIKE YO MOMMA sorry insult spasm.

Now before I get down to business, I'll distract you with some other business. It's not poop.

Today was fun! Adventure!

Mini-pre-adventure: Lowes with Jane. I have no idea how we got there. Oh well, tubs and toilets.

Adventure Mission: WATCH A MOVIE!

1. With Craig Darren Paul...
3. Get there at 12:45, turns out the movie started at 12:10...
4. Plan B: Go to Long Beach TC to watch Mall Cop at 1:30. Okay, we got time, totally do-able.
5. Darren drives freeway and takes us in the wrong direction.
6. We end up in Anaheim.
7. BACKTRACK to Cerritos TC, then take the RIGHT freeway to LBTC.
8. Darren misses the exit.
9. We get off at El Dorado park, drive all the way around that park, and finally reach our Plan B destination.
10. We get there at 1:40, turns out the movie is sold out until 2:50.
11. We can't watch the movie that late so we go to...
12. Plan C: Party at In-N-Out
13. Meet Taylor, get all fat, then drive back to Craig's house.
14. Play Gears of War 2 (FUNAWESOME with blood!), play Apples to Apples (FUNAWESOME without blood!), Watch Snakes on a Plane (with blood!).

Mission, for the most part, accomplished!

Life can never have too many adventures! Unless you're INDIANA JONES. GOOD GOD MAN, you're in your 60's! You gotta know when to retire!

Alright so if you didn't know, it's a tradition that I take a quiz thingy every Martin Luther King day. Why? I don't know. I'm the only one who knows about it anyway. I think last year I did "Which Superhero Are You?" I got Superman. Another time another quiz I got Luke Skywalker. THIS TIME IT'LL BE...

Take the Transformers Quiz

Oh sweet that's cool. WAIT HE DIES IN THE MOVIE, DOESN'T HE?! Not cool, man. Oh well, he does spins and break dancey stuff.

I think that's all I have to type. OH FORMAL I still haven't talked about that! NEXT TIME I will so I don't forget about it. But for now... I really need to cut my nails.

Happy MLK Day.


Maria said...

whoa! you went to long beach tc and el dorado park this weekend too? i was there yesterday! we would've totally run into each other! (if we weren't one day apart, that is.)

happy MLK day kevin! and for tomorrow, happy inaugurate-obama-day! yay!

i think i will end every comment on your blog with the "word verification" code thingy i have to type in each time i comment. i don't know how to remove that...



Jodie said...

HAHA so you guys ended up watching a movie after all! yay!