Thursday, January 8, 2009


Current random thoughts:

I had to redo a lost assignment for English. LAME WITH A CAPITAL LAME!

I'm tired but don't wanna sleep. Sometimes I'm not tired but want to sleep. Life is unfair. (to be said in emo voice)

Tomorrow is formal and I feel like I should know more about what's happening.

I got no comments for my last post.

Monday was the first time I remember using a mirror to look at my clothes in the morning before school. I usually just look down.

Being track captain is a new experience. THEY'RE JUDGING ME!

Speaking of which, I totally lost muscles. I overworked them and then they disappeared.

I should make less posts like this one.

WHOA random story.

Did anyone watch Full House? Well I remember this one episode where Jesse hooked up with this woman, but it was for a stupid reason or something. And then father Danny was like "I don't think Jesse is in love with her. I think he just fell in love with love". Something like that. But yeah! He fell in love with the idea of BEING in love, not in love with the actual girl. I think about that once in a while because I thought it was really trippy as a kid and I hoped that wouldn't happen to me.

This isn't really related to anything btw. Just sayin'.


Veronica said...

actual emotions?

Kristen said...

ironic! i am reading Augustine's Confessions for my Great Books class, and i just read "I was not yet in love, but I was in love with love, and from the very depth of my need hated myself for not more keenly feeling the need. I sought some object to love, since I was thus in love with loving, and I hated security and a life with no snares at my feet."

I guess people have been in love with love for a very long time.