Saturday, October 3, 2009

Drawing+Writing Combo Day!

Today was 24 Hour Comics Day! And me, being the Kevin that I am, decided to partake in this national event.

If you didn't know already, you lameo, 24HourComicsDay is when people make a 24 page comic for 24 hours. Usually some shops host the event, and artists can go in and get to work, staying awake from 12 to 12 just drawing away.

COOL! Was my first reaction.

But since I am not hardcore enough to do anything near that insanity, I just did as much as I could from about 10am to 4pm. That got me 6 comics! Which, if you do the math, is good pacing! So I'd like to take the time now pat myself on the back.

And done.

These comics I made might get their own website SOMEDAY down the time line of Kevin's life. ("Time life"? A time line for a person's life? Make it happen, Webster.) With only a little more adieu from these following sentences, here's what I got. Justsoyaknow, for the first two comics, I made them a couple weeks ago as just water testers of my concept, so there's a total of 8 comics here. Luckyou.








...Bada bing bada boom! And that's how I roll.

Like I said, I'll make more of these, and when I have a good number of these puppies, along with some time, I'll publish them to a nice cozy little website that they can call their home (BTW, the site will be unrelated to the site in the previous post). I have a name for the future site IN MIND, but I'm sorta welcome to suggestions.

That is all! Tell me what you think (if you want)! I don't mind if you don't like the comics, just don't be mean about it. Or else I will personally choke you with your own intestines.

P.S. My favorite one is F.


Veronica said...

hehehehe i like E
g - enjoy?

Kevin Lam..? said...

Oh HEEHAH okay I fixed it, thanks!

anne said...

I just have to say i loved the B for bomb comic.