Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two things to talk about today. I forgot what the first thing was, so I'll just talk about the second thing.

First college-level play! Is what I just came back from! I watched the musical Miss Saigon, and contrary to the title, it has nothing to do with a beauty pageant in Vietnam. Although it does have strippers. Consolation?

Well lemme tell ya, I don't mean to downplay Whitney's drama department, but this was SUCH A STEP UP FROM HIGHSCHOOL! The set was amazing, the acting was spot-on, the singing was incredible - everything was just so refined. My professor was right when he said the performances there were extremely close to Broadway productions. The only thing missing was... actually I can't think of anything witty. It was that good.

Mini review: 1st Act was alright. It was the kind of good that's GOOD... but not exactly my cup of tea. Like Where the Wild Things Are. It's a spectacular movie, but at the same time, it's like... "what?". (Yup this is the kind of articulate review you get from a teenager.) The 2nd Act, however, wasn't just good, it was SUPER good! The story was actually engrossing, and there weren't any boring songs like the first Act. And a musical without any boring songs is hard to come by. Lastly, the end was near phenomenal and the "Engineer" character was the hilarious. This musical equation equals surprisingly pleased.

The best part about these all-music musicals is that every line has to be sung. That means even conversations have to be right on key and to the rhythm, which I find kind of funny, especially if it completely doesn't fit into a song. Reminded me of Flight of the Concords.

Overall, good experience.

One more thing, there was this random Asian guy who kept on popping up on stage throughout the whole play, especially during the dramatic scenes. He didn't even say much. Not sure... what that was all about...


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