Friday, October 9, 2009

Ten Gents

Today's entry theme: Ten gents walk into a bar. One guy says "Word play." 8 of them don't say a thing because they don't get it. The other 1 doesn't say a thing because he gets it.

First to bat, MY NAIL FINALLY FELL OFF!!!!!!!! Last Friday. If you don't know why it fell off, then read my earlier Kanga posts. Contrary to popular belief, parts of my body do not dismantle often. Here's a picture of when Blacky was still attached:

Not a close up for your satisfaction.


THEN! I actually got a picture of it as it was falling off! AMAZING, RIGHT?!


I had too much fun with that.

I also have awweeesomely gruesome pictures of my finger (the "awe" kind of awesome, not the awesome kind of awesome, nor the "aww" kind of awesome) that I decided to centaur censor from your fragile consternation. But if you are an exception with toughness like a dozer of bulls and WANT to see my ante-naked, gross finger (in different stages), just send me a message with the subject of "Eh? Des Borus!?". I'd be honored.

(It it just me or was that last paragraph sorta confusing to read? Mmm probably just me.) (Also, "Des Borus" has no meaning whatsoever. Made it up. "Eh", however is a word commonly found in Canada.)

OH I forgot to tell the story of how it came off:

I was opening a car door and it got caught on something and fell off. Didn't hurt. Then uh... I ran... over to my desk and took a picture of it as it was still in the air.

WOWOW ironically, when I was around 5yizo, I slammed a car door on my thumb and a couples weeks later that nail came off! (P.S. A thumb is a finger. We have 10 fingers. Get over it.)

Twas also funny cuz this nail fell off on my first day of work!



I work as a "Student Production Assistant", and if you were following me on Twitter WHICH I KNOW YOU WERE YOU GOOD PERSON, you'd have known my first day was last Friday!

Company: CSUF Distance Education... something like that. They're in charge of the online classes on the Fullerton website.

Job Description: Convert VHS's into DVDs, upload DVDs onto a computer, edit some movies with Adobe Premiere, help film some videos (documentation stuff, not really movies), work on some Adobe Flash projects.

Not Job Description: Help little kids with homework. MUAHAHAHHA YAAAAY!

This job is SO choice, especially since it's right next to CSUFullerton! I also get to play around with almost every single Adobe program on my down time! Isn't this job RIGHT ON THE MONEY for me?! Oh, hah, literally.

I mean it when I say I feel really lucky to have this job.

I also mean it when I say that Obama does not deserve a Nobel Piece Prize for showing "good effort and incredible promise..!". Sorry for coming out of nowhere with this, but I'm just SAYIN. He didn't do jack diddly squat! Well okay, he did a couple things, such as not look gross without a shirt, but I just wanted to use "jack diddly squat" in a sentence.

Don't read me wrong, I have nothing against the Obamers as a person. I actually don't have a lot of stuff against people (other than my body up against yours WHAOSPONTANEOUSPICKUPLINEBUTNOTREALLY?!), maybe I just avoid certain people before I get to know how awful they really are. I'm looking at you, Bruce Banner. But I don't wanna talk about meeting people right now! No! I want to uh-... oh wait. Yeah actually I sorta do.

I enjoy meeting people, ...or rather knowing people. People at school, specifically. I think the reason I like going to Fullerton now is because I know people. Not a lot, just a few, but that's all I need. In a swarm of unfamiliar faces, it's so nice to recognize a friend. I thought of this a couple weeks ago when I was walking around with my art class to draw parts of the campus. I saw someone I had met earlier, and I felt immediately comforted. I waved "hi" and talked a little bit.

The second, incredibly ironic thing is that her name was Whitney. Wow, didn't realize that until just now! How cool. So many small things to just keep me going! For example, one of the little things I enjoy about college is walking up and down stairs. Especially the basementy kind. It's sort of hard to explain why I like it, especially since it's all kinds of tiring when my class is on the 5th floor, but I do, I enjoy it. Right now, anyway.

It's these minor *happenings* that make all the difference for me. A few weeks ago I had to fill up a few pages of my sketchbook for class. I decided to go draw something I liked on Flickr (a first) and I came out with this.

And by-golly-sons-of-George, I was so proud of it! I was surprised at how... GOOD it turned out! It was supposed to be an insignificant drawing to fill up these pages, like all the faces I drew back in the Whitney days which always looked like some webble katch on acid. HAHA obscure reference. (But not really, there's not such thing as a "webble katch" because I made it up. That's how bad my drawings were, though. They were unreal bad.) But this, THIS, looked like the girl in the picture. It looked like a real person.

After that sketch, I couldn't draw on the page anymore as to not ruin my graphite baby. (Yes, using "graphite baby" in a sentence automatically makes you an artsy geek.)

Earlier, I didn't understand why my previous sketchbooks were filled with ambiguous shapes ranging from stick figures to turds. I thought I was just a blahblah drawer who was only decent at cartoons. And then this happened. THIS single drawing has turned my mentality around. It inspires me to draw more. That's a first - inspiring myself.

Now I look forward to drawing from Flickr almost every day (as long as I'm not lazy and or tired). Now YOU should look forward to when I'm gonna post all my other sketches! It shall be nice, and you shall like it.


Art is great.


This blog is great.

Also, I am grateful for my job.

Another gear grinding issue, why is "greatful" not a word? Can Webster PLEASE just synonymize it with "grateful"!? Do you realize how many essays teachers will have to recall for false grammatical errors?? But I do have to applaud the English language for housing "synonymize" as a real word (despite blogspot's redline naysay). Good move. If language were playing chess, I believe that would result in a "check". Legalize "grateful" to make it a "checkmate" now.

DINGAHINGADARGA another confusing paragraph.

Ah well. You should go sleep. You're probably reading this in the middle of the night. If not, go take a nap. Catch up on your beauty sleep. You deserve it.


M.B. said...

ohKEVIN you never cease to make me smile :D

yeahyeahyeah! I used to write "greatful" all the time when i was little and couldn't understand why it wasn't a real word....i actually don't remember the day when i transitioned to "grate" instread of "great." that must've been a dark day indeed.

Art is FANTASTIC! and you draw so well O.O wowowow.

I appreciated the pickup line ^^ haha, oh the cleverness of you :)

and i actually really really like the nail flying off picture. i like most pictures of things suspended in the air. i dunno why.

the other day, i was walking up my flight of stairs (that are a basementy, industrial-type, btw!) and i thought to myself, "life's little pleasure: walking up and down stairs." ^^ so WHOA, great minds think alike!!!!!

and i wanna thank you for your little comments on my blog too. they cheer me up. because you have the tendency to do that. :)

and last COOL COINCIDENCE! the word verification code i got for this post was


whuh-HOA!!!! (and i agree about the nobel prize thing... -__-)

Julia said...

Wow Kevin, that is a pretty sweet drawing! I think you've improved a lot over the years. :) And I totally know what you mean by inspiring yourself. Keep at it!