Friday, October 23, 2009

I... I love Vimeo...

Trust the Hoe

After 2 years of script writing...

2 years of auditions...

3 years of production...

5 years of post-production...

10 years of anticipation and hype...

15 hours of bathroom breaks...

and 6 lines of immense exaggeration...

The Trust the Hoe video is now up online! Yeah it's the one up there.

Since Youtube quality is pretty poopy, I uploaded the video onto Vimeo. If it gets skippy at all, just pause it and rewind a little, and it should work fine. (Also, comperessing the video cut off the beginning part. This film is not called "Rust the Hoe".)

REMINDAH, this was made in the spring of 2009 for Contemporary Media. Here are some interesting tidbits OH OH like behind the scenes. This is the bonus disc of the Kanga entry's Collector's Edition box set.:
  • I wrote about 2/3rds of the script. (Craigo wrote the rest.)
  • About 3/4ths of the script was actually filmed.
  • About 3/4ths of the filmed footage was actually used in the movie.
  • Scenes never shot: Darren doesn't know how to use a lawnmower, Darren adapts to hardcore music, Ms. Saucedo parties because Darren quit.
  • Deleted scenes: Crunches on a ladder, Darren's chronic tardiness
  • The character "Darryl" was coincidentally named before we got Darren to play it.
  • I think only Yangstuh got that "rafflesia arnoldi" reference. Brownie points, man, you get brownie points.
  • "Day 1" was filmed in Fullerton.
  • The close up on Darren's sub-level terrain planting (Day 1) was filmed in Diana's backyard.
  • We lost footage of Darren messing with the plant a little to make a pen out of it.
  • Originally, Craig actually fixes Darren's wrist cramp.
  • Craig eats grounded up Oreoes, not manure. Yuummm... peanutbutter Oreos...
  • The phone conversation was originally longer, with Craig watering that plant in front of him.
  • That's Diana's foot thingy BTW. Because, yknow, she's a runner.
  • Most of the white wife beaters belonged to Ryan. I think he said he had like 200 of them.
  • The original version didn't censor the "Don't Trust Me" song. Mr. Z no likey.
  • We refilmed the very last scene because the lighting was yellow-bad.
  • At the VERY end after the credits, there's a whimper that we were going to use for when Craig broke his ankle. As you can see, we went with a grunt that's a little more manlier. Also, I don't think Craig really liked it. (But I sure did.)
So yup, huzzahs all around! I really enjoy "behind the scenes" stuff, so if you do too, then THERE YA GO! And gjob to everyone who was a part of this movie! (Credits on actual Vimeo page.) I shall upload In Blindsight on another day for another post.

Now someone go put this sucka on IMDB.


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Julia said...

Man, this brings up great memories of Contemporary Media. :) I love this film!

Diana Chen said...

the whimper is still there!
and it was actually angel's ankle brace that i hadn't returned LOL